How do I obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number for a FLIR machine vision camera?

Last Revision Date: 4/17/2020

This article describes how to obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number in order to return a machine vision product to FLIR. 

Please note that this article deals only with returning FLIR machine vision cameras and accesories listed here: For returning other FLIR products, please visit the respective product support page through

An RMA number is required before a product can be returned for refund, replacement, or repair. Products that are returned without an RMA number may be refused and returned to the sender, or may result in unnecessary processing delays.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for full details on our return and repair policy.

Returning for Refund

If you are within 30 days of purchase you may return your camera for a refund, minus a 25% restocking fee. An RMA number is still required. You are responsible for shipping costs to FLIR.

Returns and exchanges have certain restrictions. See the Return and Exchange section of our Terms and Conditions for details.

Returning for Repair

If you are within your warranty period, you may return your camera for repair or replacement. If you are outside of your warranty period, you may still return your camera for repair; however, a fee will be charged. (See "What is the warranty period for your imaging products and accessories?" for a list of warranty periods.) You are responsible for shipping costs.

Our goal is to ensure the user has access to a working camera as quickly as possible. Often issues can be resolved without having to return the camera (for example, with updated software or firmware). If the camera needs to be sent back to us, to facilitate a quick resolution we require an accurate description of the problem.

RMA Request Instructions

Follow these steps to obtain an RMA number:

1. Please find your products support page at and follow the link to create a service or repair.

A separate form must be submitted for each camera, unless multiple cameras being returned are the same model with the same problem. You will need the camera model and serial number(s).

2. You will receive an email confirming receipt of the request and containing a Technical Support Ticket number.

IMPORTANT NOTE: this ticket number is not the RMA number.

If for repair/replacement, based on the details of the RMA request, the Support team will determine if there are any possible fixes that could be tried before shipping the camera back. If there are no remote solutions, Support will create an RMA number.

3. After approved by our support team, you will receive an email containing the RMA number and instructions on how to return the camera.

Shipping costs to our offices are your responsibility; shipping costs back are paid by FLIR.  To avoid shipment returns or extra charges, please ship FedEx Express or UPS Express, as stated in our RMA instructions.

Inquiries regarding the repair status of a camera should be sent to your support ticket email.  If you have lost this thread, please contact our support team via the support portal and reference your RMA number.

Repair Costs

If the camera is known to be Out of Warranty from the beginning, our sales team will contact you for a PO before the RMA is made.  If an In Warranty RMA is found to be Out of Warranty after being returned, you will be contacted with the cost for your approval before work is done on the camera.  The camera can also be sent back as-is if you do not wish to continue the repair.