What is the warranty period for your machine vision imaging products and accessories?

This article discusses the hardware warranty that applies to all of our active products.  See also Terms and Conditions.

Product Warranty Period (years)
Blackfly, Blackfly S (cased and board level) 3
Brickstream 1
Bumblebee2, Bumblebee XB3 2
Chameleon (cased and board level) 1
Chameleon3 (cased and board level) 3
Cricket 1
Dragonfly2 (cased and board level) 1
Firefly S, Firefly DL 3
Firefly MV 1
FirePRO components 2
Flea 1
Flea2, Flea3 3
Forge 3
Gazelle 3
Grasshopper, Grasshopper2, Grasshopper3, Grasshopper Express 3
Oryx 3
Zebra2 3
Ladybug2, Ladybug3 1
Ladybug5, Ladybug5+, Ladybug6 2
Lenses 1
FLIR Accessories (manufactured by FLIR) 2
Third-party Accessories (part number prefix "ACC") 1