Updating USB 3.1 Firmware using USB 2.0 Cable or Port

Last Revision Date: 5/2/2016

This article details the problems encountered when updating firmware for a USB 3.1 camera using a USB 2.0 cable or port and provides a workaround for the issue. 

USB 3.1 camera users may encounter errors when attempting to update their firmware under the following conditions:

    • Update using a USB 2.0 cable
    • Update using a USB 2.0 port
    • Update using firmware and older with ASMedia card

Under any of these conditions, the camera is identified as a USB 2.0 camera. A USB 3.1 camera that is identified as a  USB 2.0 device will NOT update properly.

Users who encounter problems should ensure they are using the latest version of software, available on our download page. They should also verify their equipment to ensure they have:

    • A USB 3.1 cable
    • A USB 3.1 port

Note: Putting a USB 3.1 hub between the camera and the host controller will allow the camera to be recognized as a USB 3.1 device, and the firmware will update properly.

Users who continue to encounter errors should contact support.