Understanding machine vision imaging product part numbers

This article explains how to interpret our machine vision product part numbers. 

Our Model Numbers Mean Something!
Here is one example of our model numbers and what each section means. 
Understanding this will give you a quick explanation of the model’s specifications and help you when comparing models.

Product Family

BB2 Bumblebee2
BBX3 BumblebeeXB3
BFLY Blackfly
BFS Blackfly S
CMLN Chameleon
CM3 Chameleon3
CR Cricket
DR2 Dragonfly2
FFMV Firefly MV FireWire
FMVU Firefly MV USB2
FFY Firefly S, Firefly DL
FG Forge
FL2 Flea2
FL3 Flea3
GRAS Grasshopper
GS2 Grasshopper2
GS3 Grasshopper3
GX Grasshopper Express
GZL Gazelle
LD3 Ladybug3
LD5 Ladybug5
LD6 Ladybug6
ORX Oryx
ZBR2 Zebra2

Interface Designator

FW Firewire
GE Gigabit Ethernet
PGE Power over Ethernet
P5G Power over Ethernet/5GigE
POE Power over Ethernet/IP Camera
PGEHD Power over Ethernet/HD-SDI
10G / 10GS 10 GigE
CL Camera Link

Sensor Designator

Resolution* Manufacturer Optical Size Color or Monochrome
03 0.3 MP
08 0.8 MP
13 1.3 MP
14 1.4 MP
20 2.0 MP
50 5.0 MP
Y On Semi
S Sony
QS Quad-Tap Sony
K Kodak
M Micron
E e2v
A Aptina
H Sharp
1 1/4"
2 1/3"
3 1/2"
4 1/1.8"
5 2/3"
6 1"
C Color
M Monochrome
P Polarized

*in cases where two sensors share the same resolution, the number is increased by 1.  For example, the BFS-U3-50S5C and BFS-U3-51S5C are both 5.0 MP cameras 

Optics Designator

-C C-Mount
-CS CS-Mount
-S S-Mount

The optics designator may not appear on all product documentation. For example, on the camera box label shown below, the -C designator appears on the part number, but not on the model number. The lens mount designator may also not appear on the serial number label on the bottom of the camera, or on the etching on the side of the camera. However, the missing designator does not mean the camera is a different model from the one that was ordered. The part number and the model refer to the same camera on all product labelling. 


Part Number Description
FMVU-13S2C-CS FireflyMV USB2, 1.3 MP Sony 1/3" sensor, color, CS-mount
(USB interface designator is not in this part number because it is an early product.)
FL3-FW-03S1C-C Flea3, FireWire, 0.3 MP Sony 1/4" sensor, color, C-mount
GS2-GE-20S4M-C Grasshopper2, Gigabit Ethernet, 2.0 MP Sony 1/1.8" sensor, monochrome, C-mount
FG-P5G-50S4C-C Forge, Power over 5GigE, 5.0 MP, Sony 1/1.8" sensor, color, C-mount
ORX-10GS-123S6M-C Oryx, 10GigE, 12.3 MP, Sony 1.1" sensor, monochrome, C-mount

For any further questions about part numbering and labelling, please contact mv-sales@flir.com