Programming my camera in Cognex VisionPro

Last Revision Date: 3/6/2015

This article describes the content and provides examples of how to use our camera with Cognex’s application programming language.

Our cameras are compatible with Cognex’s VisionPro software. 

The following source code examples demonstrate the basics of using Cognex’s API with our cameras.

Pre-requisite: the below examples require Cognex’s VisionPro software to be installed. Users are encouraged to run Cognex VisionPro QuickBuild to ensure the camera is able to stream before running these examples.

FireWire (referenced from VisionPro’s example)
This sample demonstrates acquisition from a color 1394DCAM camera. This application updates the GUI using a timer (single threaded event). 
Grab and Display example (FireWire)

GigE Vision
This example configures, captures (free-running or one_shot mode), and saves 10 (.BMP) images using our GigE Vision cameras. It will set gain and exposure to 20ms and 0db respectively. The user will have the option to choose between free running mode and one_shot trigger mode.
Note: if there are multiple cameras, this example will allocate bandwidth evenly between each camera
Free Running example (GigE Vision)

Hardware Trigger
This example will iterate through all GigEVision cameras and configure them in hardware trigger mode. The application will save an image upon every trigger.
Hardware Trigger example (GigE Vision)