Installing drivers for USB 3.1 interface cards

Last Revision Date: 4/6/2016

This article is designed to help users obtain and install drivers for the FLIR USB 3.1 interface cards. 

If you have purchased a FLIR USB 3.1 card, drivers can be installed from us using one of two methods as below.

All our SDKs

To use the Manufacturer's driver for the card:

    1. Download the driver from the Downloads site or the manufacter's site.
    2. Copy the driver file to your Windows driver folder (i.e., C:\\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\).
    3. From the Control Panel, open the Device Manager.
    4. Expand the Point Grey Bus Host Controllers.
    5. Right-click on the USB 3.1 card and select Update Driver Software.
    6. Click Browse my computer for driver software.
    7. Find the driver folder on your computer from step 2 and click Next. Device Manager installs the file and reports a successful installation.

Note: To use USB3 Vision software with a USB3 Vision camera, you must use the manufacturer's driver for the card.

All our SDKs expect Spinnaker

To use our driver for the card:

    1. Download the FlyCapture SDK from the Downloads site.
    2. Open the DriverControlGUI utility.
      Start menu->All Programs->Point Grey FlyCapture2 SDK->Utilities->DriverControlGUI.
    3. Click on the USB tab.
    4. From the PC tree, select the host controller.
    5. Under Driver Selection, select Point Grey Drivers, and select the driver from the drop-down. If more than one driver is available, select the latest version.
    6. Click Install Driver.

Note: FlyCapture SDK and the USBPro driver (pgrxHCI) are for use with our cameras and do not work with third party USB 3.1 cameras or components.