Camera reverts to default factory settings after being power cycled

Last Revision Date: 4/7/2016

This article explains why users may see their custom camera settings revert back to the factory defaults. 

When the camera is power cycled (power disengaged then re-engaged), it reverts to its default factory settings or the last saved user set (also called memory channel). Changes made by the user to camera settings are lost when the camera loses power. Note: The camera LED will turn off when the camera is not powered.

To retain specific camera settings through a power cycle, the user can either save the current settings to a user set, or write all of the current settings to a user-defined file for loading the next time the user application is run. The API provides functions for saving to and restoring from user sets. For more information on user sets, see "Using memory channels to configure default start-up settings" or refer to the camera's Technical Reference Manual.